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Honey Jade Drop Earrings
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And so the story...

Who doesn’t love jade? It’s been used for thousands of years in myriad ways including decorative arts, architecture and jewelry. I am particularly fond of the honey shades of jade which I used in these earrings. I consider these colors to be neutral so they go with any colorway you conjure up. The gemstone beads are a bit of an off-shoot of the old heishe cut beads that saw a return to the limelight in the 60s and 70s. However, unlike the earlier heishe, the beads in these earrings are a bit bolder – not huge but just cut in a way that makes it possible for you appreciate the color of each bead.

Apart from their visual charm, I love that rocks and crystals of all types, including many I use in jewelry, have an energy all their own. Jade has a long lore associated with it. Jade is said to carry loving energy that will assist you in recovering from emotional trauma since it provides a strong grounding energy and a solid sense of security. From where I sit, I love that. Could be why I always have a piece of jade with me (yes, I carry one in my bag and have one in my car!). Nuts…maybe. But whenever I hold or even touch a piece of jade, no matter the size, I feel a sense of calm. It is my hope that wearing these earrings will do the same for you.

These earrings, in a choice of a gold-fill 4mm saucer post or gold-fill earwire, have a drop of 1 1/4”. (NOTE: SAUCER POST CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.) Flashes of twisted rings dance in and out of round and various colored polished gemstone beads. While Pantone named Honey Gold a favorite color for Fall-Winter 2012 – in my mind there is nothing seasonal about these wonderful gems.



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