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#0503 Smoky Quartz Gemstone, Mother-of-Pearl & Czech Glass Bangle

And so the story...

Looking for something a bit unusual? Well, here you go. The combo of the soft coco-colored mother-of-pearl diamond shaped and the faceted polished and glistening smoky quartz gemstone nugget will definitely stand out from the crowd of ho-hum jewelry lining the counters in your local mall. (And, if you are perusing the jewelry departments in Bergdorf Goodman, keep your eyeballs peeled for beautifully crafted similar styles by one of my favorite designers Meredith Fredericks.)

Smoky quartz, teamed with a variety of finest quality Czech Jablonex glass beads in clear, brown, caramel opaque and a jazzy two-way crystal-gold number – it all just looks lovely. But wait – there’s more.

The friendship style bracelet component is made with a technique that has been used by the women in Nepal for hundreds of years – yes, I make it all and have the hands to prove it – composed of a beautiful mix of Czech glass beads in all shades and textures of the warmest “maple” colors. Some matte, some shiny – all exquisite. The vintage-inspired gold-plate bead caps which function as end caps for the bangle part of the bracelet are the perfect finish for the overall look. If you look closely you’ll see the tiniest of hearts worked into the design of the bead caps. Heart collectors love that.

The beauty of the soft bangle bracelets, and the attribute that is making them of so popular I think, is the ease of wear. Simply roll the bangle over your hand unto your wrist. Because it is soft in design, it doesn’t get in your way when life happens. I wear one every day and never have to remove it to use the computer or work at the jewelry bench. Of course, I remove it when doing the dishes or showering, just like I would any fine piece of jewelry – but a word of warning – there seems to be no such thing as just wearing one! They look fabulous stacked with other soft ropes or bangles, linked chains or hard bangles from your collection. The fun of it all – never wear the same look twice!

Handmade in the USA using domestic and imported components. From the Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Trunk Show Collection.

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