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#0497 Brown & Black Mother-of-Pearl Bracelet

And so the story...

Brown and black – in my mind a long-standing classic combination. I am always surprised when “trend reporters” state that there is a “new” color way on the horizon. Yes, it’s because I have been around long enough to have actually worn black and brown, I remember a fabulous dress from those days that would now be considered “Mad Men” in style! Yikes – talk about your advanced years…that would be me. But, I digress.

It’s no secret that these mother of pearl coin shaped beads are among my favorites. I’ve worked with them for years and still love them as much as I did the first time I saw them. I find these particular beads intriguing in that there is a hint of “animal” in them – somewhat organic. In the past I have usually styled them with gold; however this time around, I decided to put them with white metal and silver just to see how it came together. Is it smug of me to say “smashing?” Probably, but what mother doesn’t think her baby is the cutest in the world…right? And, in a strange way, I’m a mother to all my designs – so I can say “I love it” without sounding bratty.

Mixed with the finest glass beads in the world – yes, those Czech Jablonex beads are at the top of the quality list in high-polished black that lends an art-deco hint to the overall look. While I was originally intending to use a rather demure rolo link chain as the third strand, when I was going through my chain inventory this bold aluminum chain actually fell out of the chain drawer. So, in my crazy way, I took that as a sign – a sign that I should use it instead of my original plan. Oh – I love the final look. Not what my original design intent was; but in a way, somehow better. Bolder that’s for sure – it’s a completely different look than the smaller rolo would have been – and I like this look – very much.

Measures 8 ¼” in length with a one-inch extender. But, because the overall depth of the bracelet is quite bold, it will fit your wrist a bit smaller. It’s that damned engineering thing again, which I can’t explain; nor do I want to even try! Closes with a large “signora” style ring clasp in silver-plate. If you laid the three strands flat they measure about two inches across all three. Make sense?

Handmade in the USA using domestic and imported components. From the Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Trunk Show Collection.

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