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Brown-Black Mother-of-Pearl Gold-Filled Drop Earrings
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Not usually one to make an earring to match a necklace or bracelet, I was surprised when a little voice inside my head kept saying “make an earring…make an earring.” Okay, so now you know that I hear voices! Anyhow, I followed the voice and this is the final piece. Very pretty, I think. Of course, you don’t have to have the necklace or the bracelet for these to look pretty. In fact, sometimes, I think it’s best when things stand alone. But I know there are some of you out there that like when pieces match. So here you go – simple but very pretty.


Gold-filled leverbacks and drop measures just under one inch. Oh, I didn't notice this until I was photographing these pieces -- looks very tribal in a soft, sophisticated way. Reminiscent of animal print? Yes?


Handmade in the USA using domestic and imported components.




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