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#0390 Mother-of-Pearl Brown-Black & Pearl 46" Necklace

And so the story...

A long, long, long necklace of subtle beauty. The brown of the mother-of-pearl coin beads is so rich looking – not deep or dark in color, just really rich.  I’m thinking it has to do with the fabulous glisten on the mother-of-pearl itself. Ivory and brown swirly mother-of-pearl coins look lovely with the other beads on this piece. Larger, elongated diamond-shaped mother-of-pearl beads are simply stunning. Freshwater baroque ringed pearls in a soft coco are the perfect complete. This one long strand comes together with an oversized finest-quality lobster style clasp with a two-inch extender.

46" in length, the styling options are many – wear it long or wrap it to your heart’s delight. Wrapped around itself in order to get it in the pix here. But, please, don't wear it as a belt -- since there is different movement at the waist and hips this necklace was not designed to take that particular type of action.

Handmade in the USA using domestice and imported components.

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