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#0557 Vintage Czech Glass Button & Faceted Bead Five-Strand Bracelet

And so the story...

For some reason this vintage Czech glass bead reminds me of a sunflower. Yet, the color is nowhere near a sunflower – in fact, it’s a bit of blue/black. One of the things that intrigue me about these vintage glass beads that they are not one solid color. Look at this one in the light and you’ll see black and blue glints. Layered with Czech Jablonex glass fancy faceted beads in blue iris and clear the button looks magnificent. I tossed in light blue Czech glass beads adding just a little spark to the overall effect. Finished with a silver-gray polished chain that blends oh so well with the finish on the button.

Measures 7 1/2” in length with a one-inch extender. A good choice for all wrist sizes – as the girth of the overall design makes the length wear a bit shorter. I know, it’s that darn thing that I can’t explain. But, it’ll work. Closes with an oversized lobster clasp. These buttons are made using vintage molds from the factory’s vault; the buttons themselves are not actually “vintage.” That being said…I still love them and the fact that there are only two sources in the Czech Republic still making the glass buttons makes them even harder to come by and so I appreciate them even more.

Handmade in the USA using domestic and imported components. From the Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Vintage Collection. 

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