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#0523 Blue-Gunmetal Vintage Czech Glass Button & Pearl Bracelet

And so the story...

Yes, another thing “vintage.” I just can’t resist. I was so happy to see a new batch of the most unusual Czech vintage glass buttons during one of my adventures in Tucson. There were so many to choose from my head was spinning and it was just my first day at the show! Just to be clear, these buttons are made using vintage molds from the factory’s vault; the buttons themselves are not “vintage.” That being said…I love them and the fact that there are only two sources in the Czech Republic making the beautiful glass buttons makes them even harder to come by; and it makes me appreciate them even more.

This blue and gunmetal stunner just called to me. If you look closely at the button and rotate it in the light, you’ll see glimmers of royal purple shining through the blue – it’s completely mesmerizing. How, in the world do they do that? While the 40mm button is bigger than what I normally use on bracelets, it still works in that “this is a significant piece of jewelry” way. The challenge with styling around these buttons is one that sometimes stumps me…but in the end, I usually figure it out. I always want the button to be the star; but I want the overall look of the finished piece to be contemporary…well, to a degree. A combination of a Florentine-finished large link chain with silver-gray freshwater pearls & Czech glass dazzling blue iris beads could have been enough. But, as I often do, I added a bit of a twist by including Czech glass “gemstone” beads that replicate sodalite gemstones.

Definitely not a dowdy look and, more importantly, not a look you’ll see coming and going on the street! Don’t make the mistake of thinking this bracelet needs to worn all by itself. I styled it with a few Judith Ripka bangles here to give you an idea of how beautiful they all work together. When I was test wearing my sample, I also layered it with a few Bakelite bangles from my collection. Completely different look – and thank goodness – it’s the era of the bracelet which means there is no such thing as “dear, don’t you think you are wearing too many bracelets.” 

The finished length of the bracelet is 7 ¼” with a 1 ¼” extender. So it should work for most size wrists, unless your wrist is just teensy-tiny then perhaps this design is not for you. Before you actually clasp it around your wrist, fiddle with it a bit to make sure it lays as flat as possible then fasten it with the large signore c-ring clasp. Be prepared…people will ask…I know. I get stopped by someone wanting to know about these wonders every time I wear one of my vintage button designs – they are unusual and you know what they say about inquiring minds!

Handmade in the USA using domestic and imported components. From the Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Vintage Collection.

Special note: if this item happens to be shown as sold out – you can always e-mail me at tanya dot tanyalochridge dot com and ask to be put on a waitlist. While it takes a while, I try to get buttons and components back in stock whenever possible – so it never hurts to ask. Many a waitlist order has been filled!

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