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#0505 Kazuri Bead Three's the Charm Black & Gold Bracelet

And so the story...

Kazuri – just can’t get enough of these gorgeous beads. The black and gold designs are high on the list of favorites. Although, I do have one strong color way favorite, which is the red with gold combo; I can’t resist the black and gold designs. This is the first time I have used this bold gold aluminum chain in a design and can I say that ”I love it.” I thought I would start offering a version of bead collections on different bracelets, as it is so hard to just choose one or two to feature and it gives you the chance to collect lots of bead designs without breaking the budget. This design includes a crosshatch, a spiral and a bead with open dots. Complementing the Kazuri beads are the sparkliest (I know that's not really grammatically correct but it describes what I see) of Czech Jablonex glass fire-polished faceted glass beads in a two-way technique that includes crystal clear and gold. Just look through some of my designs and you’ll be quick to notice that these glass beads are staples and show up a lot.

Then there is black goldstone, which is really hard to find. Lucky for us I happened on these beads during one of my Tucson excursions and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I find some more every time I am in Tucson. Not a gemstone -- goldstone is manmade – incorporating bits of copper into the molten glass to give the effect of gold. Goldstone was first created in 17th Century Venice. That’s a long time ago! I have loved it for years…but not quite that long. I added a few bits of Czech pressed glass bicone beads in black and if that wasn’t enough, I tossed in a few matte black saucers to the mix. It all comes together with the giant high polished gold aluminum chain, closing with the oversized c-ring clasp (also known as the Signora clasp).

Measures 8” in length and has a one-inch extender. Keep in mind, the girth of the bracelet makes it wear a bit smaller than one would think for the length. Please don’t ask me to explain (I can't!) – what I can tell you is that it just takes up more room on your wrist which makes the length fit shorter. Heck…I should have paid more attention in whatever class it was that probably tried to teach me this kind of thing. But, hey, I was a kid in school and didn't like it very much in the early years – so I didn’t listen!

While it looks pretty incredible all alone on your wrist, I couldn’resist the urge to style and stack it a bit. So, for your viewing pleasure here are a few ideas to get your creative mind going. You can learn more about the Kazuri story and the beads here or by clicking the link shown at the bottom of any page on this site/shop. It's a good thing...supporting Kazuri beads and the women who make them.

Handmade in the USA using domestic and imported components. From the Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Kazuri Collection.

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