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#0502 Rainbow Obsidian, Sardonyxe & Snow Quartz Gemstone Bangle

Rainbow Obsidian, Sardonyxe & Snow Quartz Gemstone Bangle
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And so the story...

What a super pile of gemstones. Starting with the mystical rainbow obsidian gemstones that captured little air bubbles millions of years ago giving it that glow from within today. I swear you could use that one-inch bead as a gazing ball on those days when you ponder the meaning of life…or maybe the real reason you take the subway!

The obsidian is joined by two large polished faceted nuggets of sardonyx gemstone – black, gray and white in bands – as is the nature of geniune sardonyx. Add to that a touch of snow quartz, the finest Czech glass in the form of a fire-polished clear multi-faceted bead and a mysterious dark gray “pearl” and you have the beauty of this soft bangle design.

The bracelet component is made by a technique long used in Nepal – yes, I make it all – composed of a beautiful mix of Czech glass beads in all shades and textures of gray. Some matte, some shiny – all exquisite. The vintage-inspired silver-plate bead caps which function as end caps for the bracelet are the perfect finish for the overall look. Look closely and you’ll see the sweetest tiny hearts in their design.

The beauty of the soft bangle friendship style bracelets, and the attribute that is making them of so popular, is the ease of wear. Simply roll the bangle over your hand unto your wrist. Because it is soft in design, it doesn’t get in your way when life happens. I wear one every day and never have to remove it to use the computer or work at the jewelry bench. Of course, I remove it when doing the dishes or showering, just like I would any fine piece of jewelry – but a word of warning – there seems to be no such thing as just wearing one! They look fabulous stacked with other soft bangles, linked chains or hard bangles from your collection.

The fun of it all – never wear the same look twice! This particular item works best on small to medium sized wrists. While, the trick for bangles is to be able to roll them over the widest part of your hand when you have your thumb tucked into your palm and your fingers squished together (make sense) I do make different sizes so that everyone can play. I have a big hand – no not “man hands” to quote an ancient Seinfeld show – when snugged in to roll the bangle on, at the widest part my hand measures 8” while I can get this piece on this particular item is mighty snug going over my hand. Hence my recommendation for small to medium.

Handmade in the USA using domestic and imported components. From the Tanya Lochridge Jewerly Trunk Show Collection.

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