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#0498 Rainbow Obsidian, Freshwater Pearl & Czech Glass 5-Strand Bracelet

And so the story...

If you haven’t seen rainbow obsidian…hang on to your hats because you are going for a ride! Many of you know that obsidian is a form of volcanic glass and is quite lovely. Wait, it gets better. When it has interesting optic effects caused by the inclusion of small bubbles of trapped air, it is referred to as rainbow obsidian. Look into the magic of these large pillow shaped beads (almost 1” in size) and you’ll see the rainbow that lies just below the surface and dances when the light hits it. The jumbo, yes jumbo, gray freshwater baroque ringed pearls and bold chisel-cut Czech Jablonex glass beads complement the gemstone perfectly. And, if that’s not enough add more freshwater pearls in a variety of shapes and sizes and in tones of silver and gray and you’ve got a pretty spectacular distraction for your wrist. My original thought was to just use highly polished silver-plate link chain in the mix; but when I added the gunmetal bold aluminum chain – the bracelet took on a completely different feel that I really like. So – here it is…just for you. 

Measures 7 ¾” with a one-inch extender and closes with an oversized finest-quality c-ring clasp (known as a signora clasp in the biz). Remember, since all five…yes five…strands on this bracelet measure two inches when all strands are flat and when you wear it they twist and turn around each other which results in the overall length fitting a bit shorter. With the extender, I think it’ll work for most size wrists. It is a stunner – you’ll want to be prepared to answer lots of questions from strangers about it. I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can catch some of the flash in these additional pix. Hard to capture it in photos for this amateur photog!

Handmade in the USA from domestic and imported components. From the Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Trunk Show Collection.

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