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#0493 Onyx Gemstone & Gold Vermeil Bracelet

And so the story...

Sometimes, simple just works. This is one of those times. The matte onyx coin shaped gemstone beads have a very global look to them, and are a bit of a take on the heishe style beads from the 60s and 70s but on a much grander scale. The onyx coins are just under an inch in diameter. When I saw these beads in Tucson, my mind started to swirl. While my mind is constantly going, in Tucson it is on hyper-speed, and when I see a bead of exceptional quality and style, it really goes wild! While I have used the onyx beads in many other designs, like the patterned agate necklace (#0377) and bracelet (#0378), I have wanted to do something that really showcased the gemstone. I think I hit that nail on the head with this design.   The giant Czech Jablonex glass faceted rondelles interspersed throughout the bracelet give the perfect spark to the onyx beads. The contrast is just right. The various colors and finishes of smaller gold beads between the onyx and the glass offer the perfect little flashes of light.

The bracelet closes with a heavyweight finest-quality gold vermeil rope enhanced three-ring adjustable toggle, which is easy to use and the weight of the bracelet is engineered just right to make the toggle secure on your wrist. (Love that!) The bracelet fits 7 ¼” to 8 ½” and is finished with its own little charm. Don’t be deceived, just because it looks simple it packs a whole lot of “wow!”

Handmade in the USA using domestic and imported components. From the Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Trunk Show Collection. 

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