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#0483 Red Poppy Jasper, Green Aventurine, Aragonite & African Opal Gemstone Necklace

And so the story...

Oh my – what do you get when you mix red poppy jasper, green aventurine, aragonite, red jasper and African opal? It’s a treasure necklace, for sure. Inspired by my BFF NY Fashionista and long time buyer for Bergdorf Goodman (my favorite store, by the way), this is the result of her special request for something big and bold and bright. Tumbled with a bold gold vermeil textured pillow rectangle bead and the finest quality colossal Czech Jablonex fire-polish glass beads that glitter and reflect the light – it’s just perfection. I know…a bit smug sounding; but it’s true. And, you know me, if I don’t love the piece it never shows up on the site or in your collection. 20” in length, this necklace was designed to be worn with the gold bead front and center; or, when the mood hits, you can wear the gold bead slightly up on one side – on the day you want to be a bit quirky. Hey, I could have said off-centered, but I didn’t and honestly, I like it off to the side the best.

It all comes securely together with an easy to grasp lobster style clasp. I do think you’ll love it as much as my BFF did. And, if you see a tall gorgeous woman walking the streets of the upper east side with her two Norwiches (and I mean walking the streets in a good way) wearing this treasure -- stop and say "hi." Hopefully you won't be distracted by the cuteness of Oliver and Anabel, the Norwich Terriers she always has in tow. 

This pix gives you an idea of how it looks slightly asymmetrical and the coiled up shot shows you the whole thing. Just making sure there are no surprises when you see it in person. I just hate when I’m shopping online and I have no idea what the piece really looks like and there is no description other than length and price. Just doesn’t make sense to me and truly a pet-peeve of mine. Off the soapbox, I also think this is another Paige look from Royal Pains!

Handmade in the USA using domestic and imported components. From the Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Trunk Show Collection. 

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