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#0438 Kyanite Gemstone & Coin Pearl Five-Strand Sterling Silver Bracelet

And so the story...

Wowza – if you’ve seen kyanite, then you understand my choice of words. I know, not a very dignified word for such a dignified gemstone; but it is what pops to mind when I see top quality kyanite. High on my list of favs – there is something rather mystical about the gem. The overall mint green color of this particualr kyanite is magnificent; and the underlying flashes of silver are mesmerizing.

Here’s the idea – close your eyes and think of the Caribbean ocean and just below the surface the sunlight catches the shimmer of the schools of angelfish that flash this way and that. That’s kyanite. Well, I guess you need to keep your eyes open while you read; but once you read the sentence above you can then close your eyes and get the picture! The kyanite in this bracelet sways to the mint green side of the color spectrum for this gemstone, partnered here with the most wonderful freshwater white coin pearls with an interesting texture to their surface. By now you know I love mixing textures and the Czech Jablonex glass fire-polished highly faceted beads dance alongside the pearls and the kyanite.  

The design originally started as five strands, then went to three, and finally back to five. While three was lovely, it just seemed too petite in my mind so five it is. While the beads in the bracelet are smaller in size (8mm to 10mm) trust me when I say they make a big splash on the wrist. An adjustable sterling silver toggle style clasp brings it all together. Not to worry about the toggle – the weight of the bracelet makes it quite secure once in place.

The bracelet measures 7 ¾” to 8 ¾” but remember because it is five strands you’ll need a measurement a bit longer than you would for a single strand design. I like to softly twist it once and then clasp it for that messy perfection look; but it can also be worn untwisted and then you have a layer-upon-layer look. If you have a really small wrist, this might not be the item for you. I like to give a word of size caution – I would hate for you to get it home, fall in love with it and then not have it fit right. That’s heartbreaking when that happens. This would be another great look for the Paige character from the television show "Royal Pains" don't you think?

Handmade in the USA using domestic and imported components. From the Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Trunk Show Collection.

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