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#0425 African Opal, Carnelian, Smoky Quartz, Red Poppy Jasper & Aventurine Gemstone Gold Vermeil Bracelet

And so the story...

“Stunning!” That’s what you and everyone who sees you will be saying when you were this fabulous three-strand bracelet. Oh how I wish I could be there when you open the package. Here’s an idea – set up your video camera to capture the moment – now that would be fun!! The color combination is by far one of the prettiest I have ever done – yes, I said ever. It starts with a 20mm gobstopper of luscious red poppy jasper, that joins with green aventurine, carnelian, smoky quartz with pops of African opal, amazonite and agate gemstones. Then to add the glitz and glimmer of the sun on a crisp fall day, I’ve incorporated the finest fire-polished Czech Jablonex glass beads in varying shapes, finishes and sizes. Oh did I mention the green baroque ringed freshwater pearls?  I think it is the unexpected nature of the green aventurine that just makes it work for me in a special way.

Three strands of la-dee-dah luxury come together with a beautiful textured gold vermeil adjustable toggle. The clasp makes it possible for you to wear this beauty at 7 ¾” or 8 ¾”. Remember that because these are large beads you need to have a bracelet that measures longer than you would if the beads were small.

This bracelet has significant weight to it, which means that once you have it on in the toggle link that gives you the best fit, the bracelet will not come unclasped. As you know, in order to be secure, a toggle clasp needs to be balanced with weight in the overall design. This bracelet does just that. Who knew that engineering plays a significant role in jewelry design. I still say if teachers used jewelry projects as a way to teach engineering there would be a lot more females in the field! Just saying. This bracelet works best for a medium to slightly larger wrist. If you have a petite little wrist, say under 7” it’s probably not the best choice for you. So sorry – but there are others in the collection that would be perfectly petite for you tiny-wristed gals.

This piece looks stunning layered with gold bangles from your personal collection – but, honestly, it is stunning on its own. Just be ready for compliments and questions about it all. Just looking at it makes me happy that fall is finally here.

Handmade in the USA using domestic and imported components. From the Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Trunk Show Collection.

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