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stackable bracelets

These beauties are made to be worn alone; but they look fantastic layered with others from the collection.  I started making these rope bangles in the 60s -- yes, as in 1966 or so! I was inspired to add them back into my design array when I saw similar versions on a stroll through Bergdorf Goodman while living in New York City. Unlike the multi-hundred dollar versions I saw there, all of my stackables are in the "affordable" zone yet they pack a powerful punch! Same technique but using bigger beads to better match my personal style, I simply love them. They are a grown-up version of the long-honored friendship bracelets we all made and wore as kids. This design makes a beautiful gift for anyone in your circle who might have dexterity issues as there is no clasp. Just roll them on and off -- so no need for help from a spouse, doorman or that cute guy in the lift!

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